A Simple Train Ride

Thought Catalog

May 5, 2019

I swiveled nervously in my seat as I waited for the California coast to pass

I watched the other people on the train and made up stories about their lives
particularly the Amish
most of the passengers appeared to be Amish

I thought about getting off in the same city as my sister
and about the massive leg cramp that would inevitably develop before that could happen

When I Start Missing You

Thought Catalog

February 10, 2019

As his fingers lingered around my hip
the warmth faded from behind my smile
I rose above my body and watched as my mood changed
felt myself
grasping desperately
for the ease
the fun
as it quickly slipped between my fingers and out of reach.
As I longed to enjoy where I was
my heart showed me that I could not

How To Navigate The World In This Body

Thought Catalog

December 3, 2018

Always wear headphones, never listen to what they say. Don’t let yourself hear them hurl their compliments at you.
Hide behind sunglasses. Deaden your eyes so you can’t see their stares,
so that you can’t see what their mouths are saying at you,
so that you can’t see what they’re bodies are proposing,
so that the memories can’t form clearly.
You can later pretend it never happened.
You can pretend it doesn’t happen all the time.

Her Name Is White Feminism And She Is Your Toxic Friend

For Harriet

June 1, 2017

She got too drunk at your mutual friends birthday party and screamed at the DJ because, “How could they play THAT song!”
She complains that everyone falls in love with her.
She borrows your clothes, steals your food, and adopts your favorite restaurants, without asking you, telling you, or giving you credit.

This is White Feminism, she is self absorbed, emotionally fragile, and reckless with your feelings. She is your toxic friend.